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Toolbox Modern Office Interior by Caterina Tiazzoldi

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This inspiring modern office interior design is a recent interior project submission that we received from talented architects, Caterina Tiazzoldi. Toolbox Office is a professional incubator realized in Torino Italy in an industrial space. Toolbox design has been conceived to mediate user plurality and diversity with the coherence of the design concept. For this reason the project is obtained by modulating similar volumes with different materials (cork, rubber) and performance types.

Approach that permitted to obtain a variety of space deriving from the same concept with different gradient of work intensity and privacy levels.

The idea of a design based on plurality emerge in the lobby wall in which 400 different with polygon are used as signage to indicate the location of the different functions (meeting room, kitchen, working space, relax area). A parametric device control the depth of each cube by connecting it with the distance of a specific programmatic function.

Concept: Aurelio Balestra, Giulio Milanese, Caterina Tiazzoldi
Design: Caterina Tiazzoldi
Team: A. Balzano, G. Bonavia, H.Cany, L.Croce, M.Fassino, M.Pianosi, C.Caramassi
Photos: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano, Helene Cany

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