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Fired Earth Warm and Rich Terracotta Tiles

Posted on February 9, 2010 in Home Decoration Tiling

Terracotta literally means ‘fired earth’ and is one of the oldest and most natural finishes in the world. The ancient Greek and Romans used it to great effect and today terracotta, in various shapes and forms, is found inside and outside homes throughout the world. Due to its ability to enhance almost any decorative theme, from a contemporary city dwelling to a rustic country cottage, terracotta has an everlasting appeal.

Today we can buy what looks like a handmade terracotta tile, complete with variations in shading and beautiful texture but what is in fact a ceramic tile. So, if you want to look a bit old, warmth and natural with your room color vibrant, this terracotta tiles might be ideal.

Terracotta Tiles 1Terracotta Tiles 1

Terracotta Tiles 4Terracotta Tiles 4

Terracotta Tiles 5Terracotta Tiles 5

Terracotta Tiles 6Terracotta Tiles 6

Terracotta Tiles 7Terracotta Tiles 7

Terracotta Tiles 2Terracotta Tiles 2

Terracotta Tiles 3Terracotta Tiles 3

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2 thoughts on “Fired Earth Warm and Rich Terracotta Tiles

  • Naavil says:


    Nice to have your ideas. Is it possible to coat a glossy coating on rough, non-glossed terracotta tile? if then how to do it in factories?


    Roxen navil

  • Jaya menon says:

    would like to know from where we can get good quality terracota tiles for flooring.. its urgent.. out contractor is saying that nowadays quality tiles are not available…pls let me know anyone.. and price too if any…

    thanks and regards

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